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My 944, 1984
My 924S, 1987
Parts Cars
944 Specifications/Data
A/C  R134a Retrofitting
A/C  R12 - Freon Capacities
A/C Normal Pressures
AFM Refurbishing
AFM Transfer Function ML3.1
Air/Fuel Ratio - Meter
Altitude Correction Box
Belt Special Tool 9201
Belt Tensioning
CO Level
CV Joints
Cylinders-aluminum silicon
DME-944 Performance Chips
DME-Chipping an Early 944
DME-Chip Conversion 86/88
DME-Early vs. Late DMEs
DME-FQS Fuel Quality Switch
DME-Lambda Inside
DME-2D Maps
DME-3D Maps
DME-ML1.2 Early 944
DME-ML3.1 Late 944
DME-ML3.1 Jumper Table
DME-the DME Relay
DME-Pin Assignments
DME-Schematic Downloads
Download-Manuals & PET
Download-Porsche Fonts
Engine Numbers
Firing Order
Fuel Injectors
FQS-Fuel Quality Switch
Fuel Injectors - Firing
Fuel Pressure
Fuel Octane Conversions
Fuses that Melt!
HFM5 Conversion Archive
Idle 1982/1985
Idle 1985.5/1989  ICV Reset
Instrument Cluster
Ignition Lock Removal
Mirror Repair - Side
Motronic Math
Motronic Memory
Odometer Repair
Option Code - 007
Oxygen Sensor - Lambda
Relays & Fuses
Recalls - Porsche 944
Remote Starter
The Rubber Band Broke
Shifter Repair
Shudder Free-The 944na
944 Shudder Code Fix-ML1.2
944 Shudder Code Fix-ML3.1
Speedometer Calibration
Timing Light
UniTester - BOSCH DMEs
Vacuum Leaks
VDO Gauges -  Additional
Water Temp Gauge

Firing Order

Porsche 944 Firing order


All 4 fuel injectors fire at one time. 
They fire once every crank rotation.
They fire twice every cam rotation.



The 944 wiring diagram does show the injectors are tied in pairs.  Two DME pins are used.   What you do not see is the pins are connected inside the DME.   So all injectors fire as once.


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